Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Does Monday Have to Come Along and Ruin a Perfectly Good Week?

Mondays are my kryptonite-they suck my super powers right out of me and kick my ass when I am down. Luckily, however, the weather was nice for yesterday’s Monday so, there’s that.

And, maybe it just seemed like it was a crappy day because the weekend before it had been so nice and relaxing....

Friday, after getting my abs pounded by the Bionic Woman who, by the way, I am now convinced has not only a metal hip but abs of steele; I worked at the store for a few hours before heading home to clean the house.

I was in the rarest of all cleaning moods-perhaps you know the one-wherein I placed my iPod on speakers and energetically and frenetically scrubbed every surface of my home until it was glistening and smelled hospital-clean only, not in a gross medicinal-people-die-here-everyday-kind of way.

Then, on Saturday; the kids and I picked up Emily and drove to Neighboring City to stock up at Sam’s. We also stocked up on summer essentials at Old Navy and, when our shopping was done; we introduced Emily to the perfection that is Chik-fil-A. Yes, introduced her, can you believe it?

Woman had never known the pleasure of a honey-dipped Chik-fil-A nugget, scandalous.

Not only did she love the food but; Emily was greatly impressed by the cleanliness of the bathrooms and by the courteous nature of the staff. I suspect she will visit the Chik-fil-A again and, my work there is done.

On the way home from Neighboring City, we engaged in cheerful conversation, one in particular stands out in my mind; the Man-Cub informed us all that, when he grows up, he and his wife, Kendrea (yes, he already has her picked out and everything), are each going to have a Lamborghini. When we asked him what fabulous job he planned on having in order to afford such luxury he replied “I’m going to run the hardware store” and, Emily and I laughed and laughed…ah…kids these days.

The rest of the weekend consisted of little more than relaxing at home. The weather was finally nice enough for the kids to play outside and I got quite a few of my Baseball Association secretary duties finished as well as a mountain of laundry that had been threatening to eat our Mud Room, whole.

Emily invited us over for dinner so, I didn’t even have to cook and my pristine kitchen was allowed to remain so for another day.

Then, Monday came along and pissed all over the place.

But! I got the greatest thrill this morning when, upon awakening, I realized that it was Tuesday and that Monday was over; the rest of the week will be a relative cake-walk.

You know, until next Monday.

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