Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There Should be a Prize for the Most Funcos

My husband’s nefarious plan to disrupt my Bunco party last night was thwarted by the most unlikely of allies-the town government.

Before the first drop of cement could be poured, the Town Code officer stopped by and informed Hugh that the cement would extend onto the town right-of-way and therefore, could not be applied as planned.

Hugh took great umbrage (is that not the coolest word, ever?!) at the officer’s declaration and immediately got on the phone; he has an appointment with the Town Engineer this morning and, I’m not terribly worried about our dreams of a circular driveway going up in smoke as my husband has a way of convincing people to see things his way most of the time.

Plus, our driveway will be the only noticeable improvement made to a town right-of-way in, oh, at least thirty years and reasonable people like improvement so; I’m anticipating cement by this time tomorrow.

Yes, now I’m anticipating it.

Last night, however; I was quite pleased that my friends were spared the indignity of having to leap over wet cement to get to my awesome Bunco snacks; snacks which included my first ever stab at making a fruit pizza (HUGE hit) and my special Malibu wraps that The Teenager and Kaley kept sneaking down the stairs to abscond with. I also bought a pricey block of Swiss cheese and, can I just say; you get what you pay for, that cheese was phenomenal.

Not so phenomenal were my Bunco stats, I swear; I can't even win the prize for having the most losses-my win/loss ratio is fairly evenly split. I also did not win the prize for the most Buncos as I had only one the entire night. I did manage to rack up eleven Funcos but, we don't give a prize for Funcos so the most I could claim was bragging rights and, really; who wants to brag about that?

I do. I got the most Funcos at Bunco last night, yesss!!!

Yeah, not quite as good as cash. Oh well.

While my friends and I tossed dice, Kaley and The Teenager (that would make a fabulous name for a pop band) watched television upstairs and Hugh and the Man-Cub attended the team’s first baseball game.

Jana and I felt slightly guilty about missing the game but, I had volunteered to host the game a month before I knew the baseball schedule so, it couldn’t be helped and, you know, fruit pizza.

Anyway, we kept up to date on the game by texting Jana’s husband and, since the boys got walloped by the other team, we didn’t miss much.

As I have said before, this season is going to be a building year for the boys. Our team is much younger than the teams that we will be competing against due to the fact that we had to move so many 10 year olds up to play at the 11-12 level. It’s just the nature of the game this time around and, if nothing else, they will hone their sportsmanship skills by practicing being gracious losers.

I can think of worse things.

Like, the town denying me my right to a circular driveway but; I’m not going to think about that right now.

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  1. I wanna come to your house and eat Malibu wraps and play bunco and learn what a funco is. And drink. And learn the definitions of some of these big words you keep tossing around.