Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Which We Declare a Flatulence Emergency

The construction crew is pouring cement in our driveway even as I type this so; my dream of a circular drive is only hours from fruition. Ok, maybe not hours since the cement will take some time to harden and cure but, you know what I mean.

The cement truck arrived just as the Man-Cub and I were leaving for school and, he was most disappointed that I would not allow him to stay and watch as the cement poured out but, that is how the cookie crumbles and; when I reminded him that I allowed him to be late for his vision therapy session yesterday so that he could take part in the school's emergency evacuation drill, he was somewhat mollified.

Speaking of the drill, I have to say that I was most impressed with the calm and orderly way that the students filed out of their classrooms, out of the building and down the block to the High School where they were all accounted for with role call.

Granted, they had known about the drill for the better part of a week; in a situation where (God forbid) they had to evacuate for an actual emergency, I'm guessing things would be a leetle bit less relaxed. Still, I'm glad the school district has a plan and that they take the time to train the students properly.

When I asked the Cub what he thought about the drill he replied that it was a really good thing that they did it when they did. I inquired as to why he felt that way and he informed me that, seconds prior to the alarm sounding, he had let loose a Silent But Deadly.

The fruit pizza from the night before clearly didn't agree with him.

I've smelt his SBDleys and, I assure you, his particular class was in the midst of an actual emergency-they just didn't know it.

It got me to thinking that we should have a family evacuation plan for those times when he lets loose at home and; I've determined that, in the event of a household evacuation, we will congregate on my new driveway.

Providing we don't have an emergency before the cement hardens, that is.

Fingers crossed.

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