Friday, April 24, 2009

She’s a Delicate Flower

The Teenager has recently developed a crush on a boy in her class. At least, I think he’s in her class, getting her to actually discuss the topic is akin to coaxing a timid animal out of its burrow; I gently toss out questions like food crumbs then, watch her sniff cautiously at them before she deems them safe enough to consume.

From what I have been able to gather, the crush is in the I-like-him-he-doesn’t-actually-know-I –exist stage so I have offered the Teenager several suggestions for popping up on his radar including, but not limited to:

-Signing up for whatever study groups he participates in (whoo, hoo! Parental Bonus: Better grades)

-“Accidentally” bumping into him in the hallway (yes, that old chestnut).

-Boldly walking up to him, introducing herself properly and asking him if he would like to sit next to her at lunch.

-And, if all else fails, she could send him a note-

I like you. Do you like me? Circle Yes or No.

Although, in this day and age, it would probably be more effective to just text him the damn thing-

I like U Do U like me? Yes/No

She has been less than grateful for my helpful suggestions and we are currently at an impasse, she is, however, spending the weekend with Jana and Kaley so information is bound to trickle down to me eventually since teenage girls have no problem telling each other about their crushes nor do they have a problem telling their parents about their friend’s crushes hence: The Teenager will talk to Kaley who will in turn talk to Jana who will report back to me, giving me at least a little more information on which to base the questions that I cautiously toss into the Teenager’s burrow, hoping the trail will draw her out into the open.

Welcome to Parenting in the Wild 101.


  1. Oh,just have only just begun!

  2. I'm just freaking because she is no longer The Girl, but The Tenager!

  3. or Teenager. oops