Monday, August 24, 2009

If I Didn’t Know Better, I Would Think it Was Autumn

There is a definite nip in the air this morning as well as a sky full of thunderclouds; it feels like September or October and, I am sooo not ready for it to be September or October, already.

On the other hand, if it were October, I would get my hour back from the Daylight Savings Bandit and, I could spend that hour on extra sleep, glorious sleep.

Oh, well.

Look, I’m talking about the weather! Anything to keep my mind from drifting to the topic of scoliosis! Not that I’m worried, I’m not. No, really, I’m not. Just because I may have had nightmares all weekend about the summer that one of our neighbors-and my favorite babysitter- got put in a full body brace to correct her spine doesn’t mean that I am in any way, shape or form worried. I’m just, um, you know, mildly concerned. I’m sure everything is going to be alright. Rainbows. Unicorns….

Anywaaay…have I mentioned the weather? Whoo-boy! Sure does feel like autumn out there!


  1. Thinking about you guys and hope all is well!

  2. Hope the appointment goes well. I found out that I have a touch of scoliosis while standing topless in front of a plastic surgeon (as if I wasn't already feeling bad enough about myself). I think a ton of people have a touch of it, so hopefully hers will just be something very minor. Good luck!