Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesdays With The Teenager
Edition Three: You Know You're Old When the Original
Friday the 13th is Considered a "Classic"


  1. SO.. I remember a time in Durango watching the Exorcist I believe it was Halloween!!! YUCK!! I hate scary movies!!!! When I took my daughter to watch Freddie vs Jason.. I had to have 3 glasses of wine before i could go to bed!!! LOL and it wasn't even that scary!!! I don't watch the bachelor either.. ever since they have had STUPID guys on!(about 5 seasons!) LOL
    You don't watch Biggest Looser?? that is my FAVORITE.. especially with a bag of CHIPS!! LOL just kidding!But I do LOVE that show..

  2. I love your looks behind the teenager's back. haha