Monday, August 31, 2009

Miracle on Sixth Street

I spent a lot of quality time in the garden this weekend, pulling up all of the non-producing plants, thinning out what remained and admiring the seeds in my giant sunflower heads. While I was poking around the spaghetti and acorn squash, I spied something different and, upon closer inspection, discovered this:

That be a butternut squash. One lone butternut amongst a plethora of spaghetti squash but, still, a butternut, hallelujah, amen!

I’m guessing the butternut plant that I bought from the nursery this spring harbored a rogue spaghetti squash seed which somehow managed to do better in the garden yet didn’t quite manage to smother out the butternut plant completely and, for that, I am grateful. Hopefully the lone butternut will continue to grow and prosper and I will be able to make soup later this fall. Fingers crossed.

When I wasn’t in the garden or planting mum bushes and pulling weeds from my flower beds, I was supervising the Man-Cub and one of his friends during a weekend sleep-over. The job was made quite easy, considering the fact that the children spent the majority of their time tackling each other on the front lawn; the novelty of their recently-assigned football pads and helmets providing hours of entertainment.

The Teenager spent the lion’s share of her weekend catching up on much-needed sleep; volleyball practice and her school schedule having exhausted her energy reserves, a feeling that I much empathize with considering that, somewhere along the line this weekend, I caught a cold.

Today, my sinuses are undecided as whether to be stuffed up or to run more than freely so; I am either constantly blowing my nose or engaging in the lovely act of mouth-breathing. My face has also broken out in a nice set of PMS pimples and my eyes are watering or gummy, depending on what my sinuses are doing. I am so pretty!

But, I can console myself with the fact that, right this minute, a butternut squash is growing in my garden, just the way I had hoped.

I am such a cheap date.

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  1. Glad you were able to get at least one butternut squash!