Monday, August 10, 2009

I’ve Heard of Strays Following Kids Home but This is Ridiculous

The Man-Cub and Darren took off on a nature hike not five minutes after we arrived at Lake Powell on Friday. This is not an unusual activity for the boys and, since we had a lot of unpacking to do, Jana and I let them tootle off on their merry way. Not five minutes after that, they arrived back at camp with a new friend.

Being the enlightened parents that we are, we demanded that the Cub return the lizard to the wild as soon as he was done examining it, read: NOW, now for the love of god!

The Cub allowed the lizard to use his shoulders as a perch for an hour or so and then he and Darren walked up a nearby hill to set him free. The Cub set the lizard down and walked away and damned if that reptile didn’t scurry along right behind him, up his leg and back onto his shoulder.

Three times.

Finally, a few hours later, as we were loading up the boat to hit the lake, the lizard got the message and jetted back under a bush, never to be heard from again.

Cut to two days later, on a beach miles and miles from camp.

What. The. Fuck.

It’s like the Man-Cub is the Lizard Whisperer or some such shit and, for the record, I don’t see much future in that career.

Sooo, in other news; the trip was a total blast. The kids enjoyed the warm weather, the warm water and the towels, warmed from lying in the sun. They did not so much enjoy the warm Gatorade once the ice ran out each day but, hey, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

I enjoyed myself immensely watching as Hugh wake-boarded like a pro. We all took our turns on the tubes, the knee board, jumping off a small cliff and just being together.

On the not-so-bright side; the restrooms in the RV Park we stayed at were Disgusting. Also, I didn’t remember the smell from the septic system being quite so, um, prevalent the last time we were at Powell. Of course, that time we rented a houseboat and were on the lake the majority of the time so, why would I have, right? Anyhoodle, Jana and I rechristened the lake Lake Bowel and, with any luck, the next time we visit, we will rent a houseboat and forego the stinky RV parks and campgrounds.

Should we do that, we are aware that the Lizard Whisperer will be out of luck. Unless he attracts swimming lizards, that is.



  1. The one on his shoulder looks like a bearded dragon from the photo. If so, they actually make ok pets. You know, if you were so inclined.

  2. What a cool looking lake - the ones here are surrounded by green trees, and so it just looks really cool to see the rocky hills around it. As for the lizard - well, you never know when that talent might pay off big.