Friday, September 25, 2009

I Am a Multi-tasking Super Freak 

I just finished decorating the cake for the Man-Cub’s birthday party tomorrow. In addition to decorating the cake, I watched the season premiere of The Dollhouse, a recorded episode of Cougartown (New Favorite Show! Hee-LARIOUS!) did my Tooth Fairy duties (The Teenager had three teeth pulled to make way for her braces, yeah, um, yesterday. I forgot to do the money and fairy dust thing last night; thus ensuring my reign as the Worst Tooth Fairy in History- long live the Queen!) and I managed to whip up a pretty decent batch of red chili.

Tomorrow, I am planning to be at both a football and a volleyball game simultaneously while hosting the Cub’s birthday party and I promised a friend that I would help her move into her new house. Really; I am just that great at organizing my time.

Oh, and the part about me being a multi-tasking super freak? Yes, well, just delete the Mulit-tasking part and you have a pretty good picture of my personality.

Makes you feel better about yourself, doesn’t it?

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  1. I really like Cougartown too and I was so prepared to not like it based on principle. It was so funny though and not near as raunchy as I thought it might be.