Monday, September 21, 2009

The Theme for the Weekend is Balls

Saturday, Hugh and I split duties between The Teenager's volleyball tournament (him) and the Man-Cub's first football game (me).

While I baked in the early autumn sun, watching the Cub run up and down the football field, Hugh kept me apprised of The Teenager's progress via text message and cell-phone calls. The Teenager's team won all of its matches with The Teenager scoring seven points in a row on her serves which is a personal best for her and for which we were quite proud.

The Man-Cub's team took a beating at their game but, considering the fact that playing tackle football in all that padding was a new experience for the majority of the boys; they didn't play half-bad.

The Cub, although a bit smaller that his teammates (and most of the opposition), had no qualms about getting into the heart of the fray on every play. League rules dictate that each kid play a minimum of two quarters and that they play both offense and defense in each game. While the Cub prefers to play offense, he did a spectacular job on defense, going so far as to strip the ball from the quarterback on one play

that would be him, smashed completely against the quarterback, reaching for the ball and looking not at all worried about being trampled to death under the weight of his team or the opposition. I, on the other hand, was screaming like a girl on the sidelines which is why girls don't play the game (Replacements shout out! Keanu Reeves rulz!).

After all the sporting hijinks, Hugh and I had our own experience with a ball-we attended the annual Chamber Banquet Ball. It was an opportunity to get dressed up and to see people with whom I used to work. Unfortunately, there have been some, um, changes at my Place of Previous Employment and, as a result, not too many of my old cronies were present at the party. Also, unfortunate, was the fact that the Ball sort of...blew.

The food was not nearly as good as we have come to expect, the entertainment was less than entertaining and the general atmosphere was just... bland and sort of depressing. As a result, I really doubt that we will attend the event next year; the ticket price is just too high to have a less-than-stellar time.

But, hey, at least we looked nice.

Sunday, I broke away from the ball theme in exchange for laundry, housecleaning and gardening; thus returneth Cinderella.

On the bright side, my house is clean and we all have fresh underwear for the week. Never let it be said that we don't know how to par-tay.

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