Monday, September 28, 2009

You Know it’s Going to be a Bad Day When Your Coffee Smells Like a Douche

Yesterday, I was greeted by a red blinking light on my coffee machine. Being a reasonable person, I logically assumed it was the countdown to a large explosion and I dropped to the floor.

When the light continued to blink with no discernible blast, I broke down and read the owner’s manual which informed me that the blinking light indicated that the machine needed to be cleaned.

I followed the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the machine-running pure vinegar through the brew cycle. I followed up with two brews using clear water and, yet, my coffee this morning reeked of Massengill.

It tasted ok, though.

What?! I needed the caffeine do not judge me!


  1. That was maybe your catchiest post title yet! Hah. Also: wonder how long it's been since OUR coffee maker had a vinegar cycle? Hmmm...

  2. Vinegar? In a coffee maker? Did it once, never again. Better to throw it out & get a new one.