Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today's birthday party for the Man-Cub went well. He and three of his friends are whooping it up on the Wii even as I write this and, since they are probably ridiculously high on sugar, I guess I can't blame them.

Prior to the party, the four of them played in football games and, although I wasn't present for the Cub's game, I am told he played spectacularly. In fact, Hugh called me on my cell to tell me that the Cub had just caught a punt return and ran for ten yards before a pile-drive by the other team sent him flying back five. Hugh said he bounced like Gumby, jumped back up, shook his head a couple of times and was back in the fray.

Later, he managed to tackle the biggest kid on the other team; Hugh said he jumped on the kids back, attached himself like a leech and, while being flung about like Raggedy Andy's bastard step-brother, still managed to bring the kid down.

I wish I could have been there but, I was at The Teenager's volleyball game, watching her team beat the competition.

It was a good day for sports in our household.

Now, I have to go referee the fights that are certain to break out during the Wii marathon downstairs and, you know, eat some cake before those boys finish it off.

Clearly, I have my priorities.


  1. Okay - what a fantastic job on the cake!!! So cute! You really should stop being so awesome and making all us other folks feel so completely unawesome. And happy birthday to your little man!

  2. That is an impressive cake! Well done!