Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Sixteen:
Thirteen Television Shows I am Looking Forward to Watching

1. Lost. I am interested to see where they take the lostaways in this final season. Hopefully, all the questions of the past five seasons will finally be answered (what the hell is up with the giant foot??!) plus, um, Sawyer, mrrrowwr.

2. Dollhouse. I admit, the first season was a bit weak but, that is how Joss Wedon’s series always seem to start out and they build momentum; I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and I’ll hang in there. Also, Tahmoh Penniket is hawt.

3. Cougar Town. I miss Friends, always loved Courtney Cox and; any show about a woman who is still smokin’ hot after age 40 gives me hope for the future. I’ll tune in.

4. Flashforward. I always seem to gravitate to the sci-fi, don’t know why.

5. Castle. Love the interaction between Detective Bennett and Rick Castle and have loved Jason Fillion since Firefly.

6. Survivor. They are certainly hyping the show this season; I hope it lives up to its press.

7. Three Rivers. I’m going to give this show a shot for the simple fact that it stars Alex O’Loughlin who is, like Tahmoh Penniket, hawt (sensing a theme?).

8. V. Once again with the sci-fi. In my defense, I watched the original series when I was young and I liked it then even with the really bad lizard suits and CGI effects have come a looong way.

9. Glee. So far, this show is cracking me up and I can always use a good laugh.

10. Burn Notice. The second half of the season doesn’t start until like, January or some such nonsense but; I can wait because I know it will be good. Plus, Jeffery Donovan reminds me of a guy I used to date which, while being a little bit weird is also kind of comforting.

11. NCIS. I had never watched an episode of this show until USA started running marathons of it here recently. Due to some issues with our craptacular cable company (Rocky Mountain Cable, I am looking at YOU), USA was one of the few channels we had that wasn’t full of static, missing audio or constantly rolling and, therefore, NCIS was the only thing on. Now, I’m hooked and actually interested in whether or not Ziva is coming back and whether or not Tony will ever get into her pants.

12. Big Love. Who would have ever thought that a show about Mormon polygamists could be so addictive?

13. The Biggest Loser. Because, who doesn’t need a reason to get teary-eyed every Tuesday night?

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  1. I had no idea they were doing V again. Thanks!!

  2. Love Lost & Big Love!

  3. We'll be watching Lost, we must know how it ends. We are addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol here. I'm not sure what we'll watch to replace ER, maybe nothing.

    Calico Contemplations
    Discovery 4 Life

  4. I like Sci-fi too. Happy TT!

  5. We both did TTs about TV shows this week, but with opposite viewpoints.

    The one on your list I will be watching is Big Love, even though I don't find any of the characters remotely sympathetic. However, it is compulsive; rather like watching a car wreck, you can't look away.

  6. Oh wow, this is such a good idea! I should start doing a Thursday Thirteen as well! I blog on WordPress though as MamaKitty729.

    I'm late on this, but my shows: Grey's Anatomy (I didn't get to watch last night because I'm in school on Thursday nights), Glee, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Dollhouse, and House. I'm certain I missed some, but it's early and my coffee is still too hot for me to drink.