Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the Bright Side, All This Rain has to be Good for the Garden

The past week has been rainy and chilly. Fall is definitely in the air and, while fall is my favorite time of the year, I could certainly do without the damp because, while the rain is good for the garden, it’s not so great for replacing the roof on the hardware store and; if you can’t understand why, let me give you a quick equation: Rain + no roof = soppy mess on the variety side of the building. Take that aggravation x the number of times that we have had to towel up the mess, divide that by the remaining amount of my patience and the result is A Very Bad Mood.

On the other hand, I watched Biggest Loser last night and my pithy little problems pale in comparison to the woman who lost her entire family in an accident and then went on to gain a bazillion pounds by eating her emotions, all while wishing she could just die already, too.

Seriously, Jillian even cried.

On a much more festive note; this weekend I baked the Man-Cub’s birthday cakes and got them into the deep freeze where they await decorating next week. We are having a bit of a scheduling snafu with the date of his actual birthday party as we still don’t have a schedule for his football games. The vague information that we have received thus far leads me to believe that he will be playing the next couple of Saturdays but, we have no idea where, so; I am semi-certain that I will just pack up the cake and take it to wherever we end up, feed the entire team, grab a couple of select teammates for a sleep-over and call it good.

If you know me in real life, you know how I like to throw birthday bashes for my kids and you would think that the relative non-planning of this event is making me weepy. Surprisingly, you would be wrong; I’m totally cool with not having a Martha Stewart kind of blowout this year.

Maybe I’m getting sick. Or, you know, old. Come to think of it, all this rainy weather has caused some discomfort in my joints….

Anyhoodle, the Man-Cub couldn’t care less and, as long as there is cake, he’s fine with whatever we do so; I guess we are all set. Unless we get rained out, that is but, really; what are the odds?

(She said, laughing nervously)

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