Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because It Is Never Good to Get Stuck in a Rut

I think I’m starting to feel the effects of this never-ending winter; I’m lazy and disinterested in things that usually make me quite happy (OPIcures, trash television, poaching new friends from old friends on Facebook). So, I am going to be trying a few new things over the next several days in an effort to pull myself out of the doldrums.

First, I’m going to attempt to make cream of mushroom soup from scratch. I’ve never done it before but; prior to last year, I had never made butternut squash soup and look at how well that turned out, hell, the Man-Cub even likes it. So, yes, cream of mushroom soup it is.

I’m also going to decorate a cake for a baby shower next week and, while I’ve decorated my fair share of cakes, this time, I’m using fondant which is something I have never worked with before. The chances of the cake being absolutely gorgeous and edible vs. the chances of it being hideous and gag-reflex inducing are running at around 50-50 so, fingers crossed on that project.

I’m up to two and a half miles-nonstop and without slowing the pace- on the treadmill so, this week; I am going to go for three and a half miles. I haven’t pushed my shins quite to the breaking point so that will be a novel experience.

The Teenager’s first club volleyball tournament is in Neighboring City this Sunday, haven’t been to one of those before so that will be interesting.

While we are in Neighboring City for the tournament, I’m going to make my usual Sam’s Club run but, this time, I am going to avoid the freezer section wherein the large vats of chocolate chip cookie dough are stored, the candy aisle, the bulk cracker and potato chip section and the bakery; I’m going to leave the building with only healthy items.

Of all the new experiences I am going to attempt, the Sam’s Club trip will probably be the most challenging. Well, that and convincing the Man-Cub to eat a soup that is based on a fungus.

Nothing like a challenge to pull you out of the winter blahs, I always say.

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