Saturday, January 16, 2010

When You Shake My Head Today, This is What Falls Out

-I am looking forward to taking The Teenager to see Dear John even though Nicholas Sparks never writes anything with a happy ending(The Notebook being a slight exception if you ignore the part where everyone dies) and despite the fact that the movie is never as good as the book because; I enjoy spending time with my daughter. And, um, Channing Tatum is hawt.

-What the hell kind of name is Channing Tatum?

-I am in love with my new aesthetician. Her name is Serena and she is totally fixing my face. She is also totally adorable and, if I could, I would carry her around in my pocket.

-That sounded a lot less creepy in my head.

-Following a trip to the barber today; The Mullet will be no more.

-I am really sad that Fox canceled Dollhouse just as it was getting good. I am going to miss seeing Tahmoh Pennikett, shirtless.

-What the hell kind of name is Tahmoh Pennikett?

-I am up to four and a quarter miles on the treadmill. My shins hate me.

-The Teenager has a basketball game today and I am missing it because I have to work. Hugh and the Man-Cub have strict instructions to yell loud enough for all of us.

-The Teenager has about a dozen basketball games to go this season so; I won’t miss out on my share of the cheering, I assure you.

-She also has a number of volleyball tournaments coming up.

-I need to remember to put our fancy stadium seats in my car so as to prevent the occurrence of Bleacher Butt.

-Bleacher Butt looks good on no one.

-I can’t afford for my shins and my butt to hate me.

-My face kind of hates me right now but I don’t care; I lurve Serena and her mad pore-cleaning skilz.

-I am almost late for work, so….

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