Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: Fondant Tastes Like Ass. In Other News, World Continues to Revolve

Besides, once we scraped off the fondant layer, the cake itself was actually quite tasty which is a really good thing considering the fact that we had one helluva lot of it left over after the shower.

Not to worry; Hugh and the kids are fully functioning cake Hoovers and they will have the leftovers gone before the week is out, mark my words.

So, the cake was a big hit and the shower itself was lovely, our hostess prepared a fabulous dinner of homemade soups and breads and we all enjoyed a little girl time away from the drudges of our ordinary lives. You know, until we got home.

Today, I spent the majority of the day at home on the couch with The Teenager who is feeling a bit poorly. In all honesty, she could have gone to school but; sometimes you need a day to recharge and today was her day. I joined her because I am lazy. Honest but, lazy.

Later in the afternoon, we took a drive into town to drop the Man-Cub off at his tutor's house and, while he toiled away at his reading, The Teenager and I went to JC Penney to look for a dress for her upcoming Continuation ceremony and dance (translation: Eighth Grade Graduation and Parental Weep-fest, mah babeee!). She tried on a couple of really cute dresses and finally settled on one that is both modest and attractive; I was quite proud of her choice.

Then, we went to the pet store to buy crickets for the Cub’s tarantula because; what else does one follow up dress shopping with if not the purchase of sacrificial insects?

Then, we came home where are just now debating the merits of the various leftovers in the fridge. Dinner could be anything from chicken tacos to sandwiches and cream of mushroom soup but, one thing is certain; there will be cake for dessert.

Or, for dinner. Depending on my mood (see above: lazy).

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