Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When Did That happen?

I got a letter from The Teenager’s school today. Inside the letter were her current semester grades (A’s and B’s! Even in P.E.! It’s a gosh-darned miracle!) and an invitation to attend the upcoming Freshman Orientation.

For a split second I assumed the school had made a mistake in including the invitation because my daughter? Not old enough to be attending a freshman Orientation! She’s a baby; she’s barely in Middle School, eighth grade to be exact, why she’s…


She’s going to be a Freshman.

Once the realization hit, my ovaries gasped their dying breath and every strand of (natural) brunette hair on my head gave up the battle against the gray.

I fully intend to need the support of a walker by this time tomorrow. Also, now might be a good time to start visiting nursing homes; I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a crappy one.

But, seriously…when did that happen?


  1. Hey! Time for another baby! hee hee Or, you'll just be the sexiest momma at the nursing home!

  2. She's getting more and more beautiful!