Friday, January 29, 2010

Gag Me with a Cotton Swab

The Teenager has been under the weather for the past three days so, today, I am taking her to the pediatrician for a Strep culture. I hope it comes up negative but, I also want her to feel better and, if she has the Strep, the nice doctor will prescribe drugs to make that happen.

As luck would have it, she has no basketball or volleyball games scheduled for this weekend so; her timing is good unlike say, her father who seems to take ill at the most inopportune moments.

Anyway, while the girl has been ill, we have spent some much needed quality time together, surfing the internet on The Lazymaker, watching movies (yesterday we watched 500 Days of Summer and we really enjoyed it) and texting each other from our respective ends of the couch (I know. The texting from the same room thing is a teenage phenomenon I will never understand but, I'm a cool mom so I go with it).

It is a pity that it takes some rogue virus to slow us down enough to appreciate one another’s company, I need to work on that and; we can start with me being there to hold her hand when the doctor jams a giant Q-tip down her throat.

Mother-daughter pedicures would be more pleasant but, I have to work with the opportunities I am given.


  1. Larry and I text each other sitting next to each other too. It's fun and secret when we don't want those around us to know what we are saying. You know, important things like, "You smell like poop."

  2. Hope she feels better soon! I think pedicures are definitely in order once she has recovered :) Have a great weekend!