Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free At Last, Free At Last! Thank God, I'm Free at...Oops! Not So Fast

The baseball Board of Directors recruitment blitz was a success; several new members joined our group and I was finally able to resign my position at tonight’s meeting. While I will no longer be required to attend every meeting, registration event, fundraiser and work session, I will still volunteer a fair amount of time as a Team Mom which means; I will still be expected to stir a crock-pot of neon colored faux cheese on occasion.

I can live with that.

Naturally, once I announced my release from indentured servitude and all the extra free time that entailed; The Teenager informed me that she was interested in playing AAU basketball. Bye, Free Time! It was nice meeting you, briefly.

To recap: Time gained by leaving the Baseball Board minus time spent in the bleachers watching league basketball multiplied by the number of hours spent in the gym watching wrestling tournaments plus the Sundays spent on the road with the volleyball team equals no additional free time for Mommy.

On the other hand, we will be getting our money’s worth out of the $70 stadium seats purchased from the High School Booster Club last spring.

Glass half full and all that crap.

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