Friday, February 05, 2010

This One Time, At Band Camp...

I read a lot of blogs and online diaries, probably many more than I should read considering that there is work to do and all but, no one is perfect, right?

My point, and I do have one, is that I really enjoy reading about other people. I like to peek inside the private universe in which they live and to compare and contrast my experiences, thoughts, and feelings with those of the writer. I especially enjoy reading about people’s childhoods and formative experiences because they often serve as reminders of my own past.

And, I like being reminded of my history, as I think most humans do.

So, to get to my next point, I have decided to set aside my own day of recollection. I am going to call it my Flashback Friday and, while I might not trip down memory lane every Friday, I will make a point of trying. Sometimes, it will be quite entertaining like, say, the time I set my mother’s kitchen on fire when I got distracted by a soap opera while frying eggs for breakfast during summer vacation. Sometimes, it might be sad, like the time I tore the ass out of my brand new jeans, the cute ones with the roller skate decal on the back pocket…man, I loved those jeans.

You get the point.

Anyway, today is Friday but I need to cut this short as I am leaving for the store in just a couple of minutes (there is work to be done and all) so, here goes a short flashback:

When I was a junior in high school, I cheered for the varsity wrestling team. During one of the matches that I was cheering for, our wrestler had his arm dislocated right in front of me. I can still remember the popping noise that it made and the groan that the wrestler made. The noise that the shoulder made when the coach snapped it back into place was not exactly pleasant, either.

Who wants to guess what I will be thinking about every time the Man-Cub takes to the mat this season?

Huh. Maybe Flashback Friday isn’t such a whippy idea, after all.


  1. Shudder. Dislocating a joint remains on my list of Most Feared Medical Events. My friend did her shoulder playing basketball in high school and it scared the CRAP out of me.

  2. Shudders too. Yuck! I will join you on your flashback Friday quest.

  3. Can't wait to hear these stories!!!! I love the way you write, too, so I know they will be entertaining all the way around!!