Monday, February 01, 2010

Mother Nature Has a Sense of Humor and, The One Thing You Never Want to Hear Your Teenage Daughter Say

This morning I was all prepared to write my annual This Weather Sucks I Am So Tired of Winter post when, what do you know? Mother Nature throws a perfectly lovely day my way. Warm temperatures, sunshine, no wind; it was awesome.

Annual This Weather Sucks I Am So Tired of Winter post to be scheduled for a later date; probably this time next week. Or, tomorrow, it is Colorado after all.

On a topic slightly related to Mother Nature, when I got home from work today; The Teenager greeted me at the door with a woeful “You’ll never guess who I’m having a baby with” to which I replied “I don't know but; the story had better include the words immaculate and conception” to which she replied “Oh my gawwwwd, motherrr! I mean, guess who I got partnered with in Science for our gene project! God! You are so lame!”

I’ll take being lame over being a grandma at 41 any day of the week, thankyouverymuch.

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