Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear South, Realllly Sorry About That Cold Front

A recent snowstorm has the southern states socked in pretty hard and I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for that what with all the whining I did about there being no snow this year. Responsible because; I am all powerful and can conjure up blizzards with the power of my mind, obviously.

Anyway, so sorry for Snowpocalypse, southern friends! I hope you dig out soon.

In the meantime, we finally got a little snowstorm of our own, immediately followed by temperatures that rival the Ice Age. Just what I wanted! Not.

On the bright side, I am wearing the cutest snow boots you ever did see.

In news not related to the weather (how refreshing!), the kids went back to school yesterday. Yes, yesterday, as in ten days into the New Year because our school calendar is fucked.

Yeah, I said it, fucked.

These kids are out of school more often than they are in school. Back in my day (hold on a second while I grab my fur loin cloth and club), we started school after Labor Day, took two weeks off for Christmas Break (and it was actually called Christmas break back then), one week off for Spring Break and we were dismissed for the summer a few days before Memorial Day. Also, Christmas Break spanned the week of Christmas and the week after and we returned to school on like, the 2nd or thereabouts.

Now and days, the kids start before Labor Day and then get approximately eight hundred days off for teacher in-services and minor holidays before finally seeing summer vacation sometime in June. Don't even get me started on Early Release Wednesdays because, the fuck is that all about? And, this year, Winter Break (Scrooges, I say!) started two days before Christmas and ended, as I've said, yesterday. Oh, and the kids will be out for a day next week a well.

So, if we actually had a Snowpocalypse of our own this winter, there would be no days available to the district to use as Snow Days, we would just have to tie the kids to a rope to make their way through the blizzard to the schoolhouse, Little House on the Prairie style.

Not that I am in any way, shape or form asking for that, Mother Nature! I'm not. I swear.

Please don't smite us with a blizzard.

And, once again, I'm reallly sorry about the weather, southern friends.

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Ok, so you got the wishing for snowy weather bit down pretty good, now you just need to work on your aim apparently. Cuz the Rockies & Dixie = not close to each other much.

    Speaking of school time, we'd start the Wednesday after Labor Day, have a week break or so at Christmas (yes, start up again like the 2nd or 3rd of January), a week around Easter and still not finish till the 20's of June. Our school also rarely ever closed for snow, even if we got a foot or more and had to walk uphill and into the wind both ways (just like our parents). We didn't get any of this 12 day Wednesday every other week crap. Kids have it so easy these days!