Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soup, Again?!!

Although I didn't make any New Years resolutions this year, I did vow to cook more often for my family and, so far, it is going swimmingly unless, that is, you are my teen aged daughter who is under the mistaken impression that I make too much soup.

As if.

The only soup I have made was butternut squash and I didn't even make her eat it; I froze most of it in individual-sized portions to eat on days that I am too busy to cook (or, for the inevitable moment when I totally burn out on all this cooking for ingrates).

Oh, wait, I take that back; I also made a beef and barley stew for dinner the other night. My god! Two kinds of soup in one week! She's right, I do cook too much soup; I must refrain from doing so again. Instead, I shall fill our menu with such choice goodies as tater tots and frozen pizzas, you know, the things she likes.

Or not.

Anyway, all of this is a long-winded way of pointing out the fact that my daughter is just as ungrateful as her father for the meals I place on the table before them (anyone care to revisit the whole "Chicken, again?! Debacle of 2010? No?).

And, let's not forget the Man-Cub, who refuses to eat anything red, yellow, green or leafy unless it is smothered with Ranch dressing and he is actively plugging his nose and squeezing his eyes shut while eating it.

And I wanted to cook more often, why?


  1. Just have "fix your own" every night and then they will have nobody to blame but themselves. :)

  2. now that i am out of school and working two jobs, i do cook more. Before it was school and two jobs so i ate way too much fast food, but now me and the room mates are cooking at least 4 if not more nights a week. its been a goal of mine for a while.