Friday, January 21, 2011

I Swear to God, It Has Nothing To Do With Me Smacking Him in the Face

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but, Hugh was recently diagnosed with TMJ which, as I understand it, is a condition in which the discs hinging the jaw become compromised, leading to agonizing pain, the inability to completely bite down and to one’s normally sunny disposition being replaced by that of a very angry weasel.

I’m guessing.

About the weasel thing.

Oh, it's an educated guess but, I digress.

Anyway, the treatment for this condition includes the patient wearing a device in the mouth until the disc realigns or heals or does whatever it is that the disc is supposed to do, hell, I didn’t even know that jaws had discs so, what do I know? And, again, I digress.

Because the appliance has to be custom-made for each patient, Hugh has had a slight wait, during which time his doctor has prescribed some mild painkillers. Now, I say they are mild because, according to Hugh, they don’t work at all. In fact, he’s never been in such pain. It is excrutiating! And, my suggestions for additional ways to combat the pain-hot compresses, Tylenol, etc.-have been met with utter disdain as well as the proclamation that I am not being helpful! Because I know nothing about pain, and, really, how could I? It's not like I have ever had occasion to experience such a painful situation.

Because natural childbirth didn’t hurt at all.

And, say it with me, I digress.

Anywaaayy…after much complaining about how the pain was interfering with his sleep, the doctor finally prescribed a pain killer/sedative combo that completely knocked Hugh on his ass which, spared me having to do so and was, thus, a Godsend.

Hugh has gotten two solid nights of decent sleep under his belt, is in slightly less pain and has rediscovered his sunny disposition. Well, as sunny as it gets, anyway.

Now, if the good doctor could prescribe something to help us swallow the cost of all this (over $2000 so far, none of it covered by insurance), life would be good.

Or, at least better.

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  1. My mom has TMJ. She had a mouth thingy for a while, but doesn't wear it anymore. I think they also told her to eat baby food. You could try that with Hugh. ha Here's your food, baby! (You can say that sweetly or sarcastically.)