Tuesday, June 07, 2011

First Strawberry of the Season and I'm Onna Kill Me a Dog If He Continues To Think He Is Human

The Man-Cub spotted this potted strawberry plant when we were buying seeds and plants for the garden. Hanging pots don't usually do very well in our climate but I told him that he could give the plant a try if he really wanted to.

Since we bought it, he has faithfully watered it, spoke kindly to it and shaded it when the sun became too harsh for it to thrive and, as a result, he harvested his first ripe strawberry today.

Please excuse the slightly phallic nature of this photo. Ahem.

I think he liked it.

On a completely different topic, several months ago we discovered that Rowdie was sneaking up onto the love seat at night; a discovery that prompted his banishment from the house at night.

Recently, I made a similar discovery; one that could conceivably get him banished from the back porch.

Or, you know, dead.

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