Monday, June 06, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue

Old: This morning, I revisited the drop-off lane at the school. I thought we were over the drop-off lane for the summer but, noooo, the children are each required to be at a.m. practice (volleyball for her, wrestling for him) at the gym and, although we live three blocks away from the school, it is 80 degrees in the shade by 8:00 and both children are perfectly capable of walking; I find myself chauffeuring their asses through that infernal line. On the bright side, there are far fewer cars in line during the summer so my aggravation level is at an all-time low. You know,  for the drive-through lane.

New: Late last week I purchased my own domain through Blogger; I am now the proud owner of (when I type that, I hear Truvy from Steele Magnolias exclaiming "I'm a chain!" I have no idea why). The transition from blogspot to .com was a bit nerve-wracking but everything appears to be working so; "I'm a dot com!". Admit it, you heard Truvy just then, too.

Nothing borrowed:  Friday night's baseball game was our last of the season. We were scheduled to play two more but, unfortunately, will not have enough boys to play due to previously scheduled vacations and other obligations. The boys took the premature end of the season quite well and, as I said earlier; the Man-Cub starts wrestling today so he's quite content to focus on one sport at a time.

Saturday, The Teenager and I attended the bridal shower for Brandon's sister. We had a great time and I'm not just saying that because we won the prize for best toilet-paper wedding dress during that particular game but, you know, we totally did. Not only was our dress-featuring a four-foot train, toilet-paper roses at the bodice and a large toilet-paper butt-bow-the most elaborate of the entries but; we also fashioned a lovely toilet-paper wreath and veil for The Teenager's head (she was the poor sucker lucky duck who got to model the dress) and a toilet-paper garter for her leg. We could not be beaten, obviously.

After the shower, I met Hugh for dinner and a show; the show being our local community theater's production of South Pacific. It was really well done and we had a great time.

Sunday I tooled around the house, catching up on housework and chores. Then, The Teenager drove the Cub and me into town to do some shopping. She's doing really well with the driving and I can hardly believe that she will have a license by this time next year; it kind of makes me sad....well, look there, I do have something blue after all.


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