Friday, June 17, 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Things in the garden are coming along just swimmingly, assuming one doesn't actually want their lettuce to grow.

Yeah, I have no idea, either, usually; I manage a bumper-crop of salad greens but, this year, despite two separate plantings, I have a meager handful of healthy specimens. It's a mystery.

The good news is; my peppers, tomatoes and beets are growing like crazy. Of course, healthy plants don't always result in lots of produce but; there are baby veggies on the pepper and tomato plants so, I am optimistic and, yes, I know that tomatoes are technically a fruit. I just don't care.

Also, the outfit above is what I wear when I am gardening. The hat and shirt keep the sun off my skin and the rain boots come in handy for tromping through the mud without ruining good shoes. Plus, any footwear that looks brand-new following a simple hosing down is good footwear in my book.

The fact that Hugh is completely mortified by the entire uniform is just the cherry on top.

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