Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Summertime and the Living Is Easy

-I made an enormous Chef's salad for dinner tonight, using what little lettuce my garden has seen fit to produce in addition to some that I purchased at the grocery store. After a third planting of lettuce, using a different variety of seed; I have high hopes for enough lettuce to fill my next Chef's salad, somewhere down the line later this summer.

-Cherry season is right around the corner and, after several years of our local crop being ruined by late frost, we are finally looking at a good harvest; the majority of which will be consumed by me and my children as we lounge on the porch, reading, listening to music and basking in the heat.

-The stars have finally aligned in the correct pattern to allow us to take the boat out this weekend (no sports camps, warmer weather, less wind and enough water to float our boat in the local reservoir) and, thanks to three months of Pilates, running and a mostly sugar-free diet; I am planning to wear a bikini.

-I bought a new dress today. The dress is for the upcoming Policeman's Ball. I hope this year's ball is as much fun as last year's. One thing is certain; I will be wearing hose with my hooker-heels, having learned my lesson regarding blisters last year.

-The new season of Big Brother starts in July.

-We are going to see Green Lantern at the drive-in on Friday. The following weekend we are going to see Transformers 3; this should fill my summer quota of movies featuring hot men quite nicely (Hellooo, Ryan Reynolds and Josh Duhamel) and; who doesn't love a double-feature at the drive-in on a sultry summer night? No one, that's who.

I love summertime.

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