Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clouds. Silver Lining. All That Jazz.

Three Things:

-Hugh and I just spent money on a new windshield for the Tahoe because the old windshield developed a large crack from a small star chip that had previously been "repaired". I'm still sort of irritated at the ninety-year-old man who "repaired" it. On the bright side, my new windshield sure is purdy; here's hoping it stays that way.

-As soon as we handed over the money for the new windshield, a grinding, metal-on-metal sound began to emanate from the rear of the car and, following another trip to the mechanics; we were out another, even larger sum of money for new brakes. On the bright side, the car no longer vibrates when I am braking at traffic lights. I find this turn of events quite interesting as I had no idea that a car vibrating like Mother's Little Helper wasn't perfectly normal (Paging MENSA...MENSA, please pick up the white courtesy phone).

-This morning, the fraud detector service responsible for monitoring our credit card alerted us to the fact that our account number had been compromised if, by compromised, you mean completely stolen by some punk-ass computer hacker. Apparently, a number of charges had been made to an online entertainment company of some sort which piqued the interest of the fraud department, spurring them to call Hugh immediately and, once they determined that the charges were, indeed, fraudulent, our account was suspended. We are now waiting for our new cards which shouldn't take more than a couple of days to arrive. This sucks on numerous levels but, on the bright side, our credit card company clearly views us as the kind of customers who are unlikely to purchase smut on the Internet. Points to us.

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