Monday, July 18, 2011

I Started the Weekend in High Heels...

...and ended it in running shoes. And, by offending waterfowl. But, I'll get to that part, later.

So, yes, our weekend was busy and yet lazy at the same time; if it was a celebrity couple, it would be dubbed Bazy or something stupid like that which, well, let's just say that it's a good thing it wasn't a celebrity couple because that wouldn't just be stupid, it would be stoopid, dawg (I am sooo down with the hip lingo of the kids these days, yo).

Oooh, speaking of celebrity couples; J-Lo and Marc Anthony breaking up, whoa, didn't see that one coming.

And, I digress.

So, my weekend, right...Friday night Hugh and I got dressed up and attended the annual Policeman's Ball.

We had a good time again this year but, unlike last year, did not imbibe in so much wine as to cause us to bid willy-nilly on silent and live auction items. On the one hand, that restraint was good for our bank account. On the other hand, no wine tour for twenty purchased at this year's Ball (that's ok, I still have to use the wine tour Hugh won last year; which is tentatively scheduled for September).

Actually, the only item that I even considered bidding on was a trip for eight to Mexico. Hugh was against the idea because he lives under the impression that all of Mexico is a seething cesspool of gang activity, crime, filth and nudity and, sadly; the fact that he has viewed the photos from my college spring break trip to Mazatlan has done little to dispel that notion. Sorry, Mexico.

So, yes, we ended the evening earlier than I like to admit but, with The Teenager away at volleyball camp again this weekend, the Man-Cub was home alone and, despite a number of texts assuring us that he was fine; I felt better going home early.

Also, my feet hurt; hooker heels are the Debil.

Plus, we had planned to get up early Saturday morning to take the boat to the lake, which; you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

Yeah, here's where we enter the lazy portion of the weekend; I slept in until almost 10:00 Saturday morning.

That? Never happens.

Generally speaking, "sleeping in" for me means sleeping until 7:00, at the latest. 10:00 is unheard of and, frankly, a bit embarrassing. But, since Hugh also slept in, I didn't feel too bad.

Of course, by the time we did get up, it seemed like a waste to load up the boat and drag ourselves to the lake for just a few hours so; we decided to play the day by ear, instead which, is how we found ourselves at the bowling alley, the local plant nursery, the local produce stand and the Hellmouth, shopping, picking up ladybugs for the garden, buying fresh produce to make for dinner and, well, bowling, obviously.

It was a random sort of busy/lazy day, as you can see.

Then, later that night, The Teenager arrived back home and we watched movies until bedtime.

Sunday morning, I was up at the usual hour (6:30) to do laundry, clean house, work in the garden and other sundry chores before taking the Man-Cub to the swimming pool where he splashed around a bit while I ran around the lake behind the aquatic center which is how I finally ended my weekend in running shoes and, by offending the local ducks and geese because, apparently; they don't like people runing through their flock while waving their arms and making obnoxious honking noises.

I know, right?! Poultry is such a buzzkill.

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