Sunday, July 03, 2011

Rings n' Things

So, we made it to the theater Friday night for the early showing of Transformers 3 and, I have to say; I wasn't disappointed. Ok, maybe a little disappointed but the reason for that is about to become patently clear.

See, like most Americans with access to the Internet, I've been following the recent hubbub regarding Megan Fox's absence in the new film and the resulting debate over whether or not Michael Bay is a complete sexist pig whose only interest in the abilities of his female lead lies in her having very firm buttocks. But, despite the fact that Megan Fox 2.0 could not act her way out of a paper bag and did, in fact, have very firm buttocks, I am going to withhold judgement on that particular topic.

Instead, I'm going to say that, if the plethora of close-up shots of a certain set of butt cheeks was an attempt by Mr. Bay to pull the 12-18 year old male demographic into the theaters; then the ploy was a certain success. However, had Mr. Bay simply managed one shot of a shirtless Josh Duhamel; the 15-Still Alive With a Pulse and Fair Eyesight female demographic would have been guaranteed repeat-ticket-buyers.

Repeat repeat-ticket-buyers, even.

Mr. Bay missed a golden opportunity, is what I'm saying.

Still, thumbs up to the movie.

In other weekend news, Hugh finally made good on his bet with The Teenager.

In a surprising turn of events, Piercing Remorse set in mere moments after the deed was done.

In a not-terribly-surprising turn of events; the remorse was short lived and the child has been on the computer surfing for whimsical new belly rings ever since.

Speaking of rings, our family got dressed up to attend the wedding of Brandon's sister, Felicia on Saturday.

Prior to the wedding, I took a run around the park and, while making a turn around the fishing pond, I was treated to the sight of a large blue dragonfly, the largest and bluest that I have seen since the days after Brandon's death. I took it as a sign that Felicia was going to have a magical day and, that is exactly what she got.

So, it was a great day and an almost perfect weekend and, I say almost because it lacked only a shirtless Josh Duhamel to tip the balance, Mr. Bay.

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