Thursday, July 07, 2011

Words to Live By

Even a bad day on the lake beats a good day at the office.

Also, if you arrive at the lake late enough in the evening and, in a rainstorm, you will most likely have the entire body of water to yourselves.

Then, you can tie the boats together Redneck Yacht Club-Style, drop anchor, don cover and, find a way to occupy your time while you wait for the storm to pass over; this may include a game of cards or drinking a glass of wine, depending on your age and/or level of parental supervision.

                                No alcoholic beverages were consumed by these children

                                       Alcoholic beverages WERE consumed by this woman

Finally, once the rain tapers off, you can pull out the fishing poles. As an aside, you just might be a redneck if you use Cheese Balls for bait.

But, you know, fish love Cheese Balls.

After fishing, there might even be enough daylight left to practice your mad knee-boarding skilz or, in some cases, to practice wiping out...a lot.

Either way, you can say that you spent a good four hours on a completely deserted lake with people you enjoy and, hey; it beats sitting on the couch watching re-runs.

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