Saturday, January 14, 2012

All is Well That Ends Without Broken Bones

Worst. Blog. Title. EVER.

But! The sentiment holds true; the Man-Cub attended yesterday's ski trip and returned home to us without injury. In fact, he reported that he only fell four times and he now owns the jumps. I'm proud. Really.

Today, we are attending The Teenager's volleyball team's 4 on 4 volleyball tournament. The tourny is a fundraiser for the team and it sounds like it will be a wise way to earn money; the girls don't have to do a lot of work, they got to choose their own teams, and, are bound to have fun. Unfortunately, The Teenager's first pick for her team-the Boyfriend-was unable to play due to a ruling by his basketball coach that forbid basketball players to participate under threat of suspension (stupid much?) from a game but; she managed to pull together a team, regardless. And, she now has a built-in cheerleader since the basketball coach didn't say a word about the boys not waving pom-poms and doing cartwheels.

While The Teenager plays volleyball, I will be organizing the team parents into "snack teams" for each of our upcoming tournaments. The first one is next week and it takes place in Neighboring City which is convenient in as far as there is a Sam's Club nearby and we can purchase the necessary food items, there.

And you know, that is my life, lately. My twenty-two-year-old self would be rolling her eyes and sighing in disgust right now. She was kind of a bitch, though.

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