Monday, January 23, 2012

Slipping Back on the Rose Colored Glasses

Friday night, when I should have been organizing the food for the weekend volleyball tournament, Hugh and I were, instead, out late; watching our local community theater's production of Whose Life is it, Anyway? However, the play was so awesomely done that, when five o'clock rolled around the following morning, I couldn't complain too much about being tired; it was totally worth the lack of sleep.

Now, when I saw five o'clock again the following morning, that was another story; complaints, galore, people. Complaints. Galore.

I'm kidding (mostly). The Teenager's volleyball tournament was almost as much fun as the play. Actually, since I got to see one of my college roomies and her family, it was probably even more fun.

And, the girls played really well for their first tournament as a team. In addition, The Teenager got to play more in one weekend than she played all of last season for the Hooterville team and her new team beat the girls from Hooterville to boot. So, no complaints about the tournament.

Actually, no complaints at all; the coach, whom, if you will remember, gave us pause just a few months ago; has turned out to be more than fair and pleasant. She is rocking a rather disturbing mullet but, I am trying really hard to remind myself not to be such a judgmental toad about stupid things (New Years resolution #2) and, for the most part, I am succeeding.

As I said earlier, I was the mom in charge of food for the tournament and even that went better than I would have expected. And, I'm done with the chore for the season. Unless the other parents don't step up which, I suppose could happen but; why borrow trouble, right (New Years resolution #1: Stress Less Over Stupid Shit. WINNING!)?

And, despite waking up this morning with a raging sinus infection (I'm guessing. It's not like I'm going to see an actual doctor or anything); I have to say that things are looking up.

Mt glass is half-full once again.

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