Friday, January 06, 2012

I Have Good News and I Have Bad News

The good news is; my laundry is done. The bad news is; the part for my washing machine won't be in for another week so, I had to do the laundry at the laundromat.

The good news is; I didn't kill one of the rude motherf*&%ers with whom I had to share said laundromat. The bad news is; I had to share the laundromat with a slew of rude motherf*&%ers.

The good news is; Hugh visited me a the laundromat, which is just down the street from the hardware store. The bad news is; he chose that moment to remind me that he doesn't like his shirts washed with towels because they leave fibers on his shirt which irritates his delicate skin.

The good news is; I didn't kill him and stuff his lifeless body into a commercial sized dryer. The bad news is; I totally considered it.

The good news is; I washed all of the Man-Cub's short-sleeved shirts which he is going to need since he managed to break his goddamn arm while snowboarding yesterday. The bad news is; well, duh.

The good news is; the break, while in the growth plate, is a compression fracture which probably won't require surgery. The bad news is; the use of the word "probably" by a medical  practitioner.

The good news is; our Aflac policy is totally up to date. The bad news is; our primary insurance plan sucks sweaty donkey balls, and likes it.

The good news is; I am fully stocked up on wine. The bad news is; I'm totally going to need every drop.

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