Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My House is in Shambles

I started taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday. This required me to climb the ladder to the attic approximately three hundred times, one hundred and fifty of those times carrying empty boxes and the other one hundred and fifty carrying boxes full of holiday cheer; who knew holiday cheer weighed so much?

I wish I could say that I was done with the chore but, yeah, not so much. I still have the village to tackle and the tree still stands naked in the living room but, I managed to reach the half-way point so, baby steps.

I am also taking baby steps when it comes to the mess currently invading my mud room. Hugh, laboring under the impression that he can fix anything,  has my washer pulled apart, awaiting a new timer. He is optimistic that this will do the trick, saving us from the purchase of a new machine. I hope he's right but I also recognize the fact that washing machines that have functioned diligently for going on twenty years do tend to wear out and, God bless them, they have every right.

Anyway, the laundry is piling up in the mud room.

On the bright side, I am holding fast to my New Year's resolution to be less tightly wound over stupid shit and, I haven't suffered a nervous breakdown once this year.

Three days in, whoo-hoo!

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