Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is That the Light at the End of the Tunnel or is That the Freight Train?

I'm betting on freight train.

Things here in Petticoat Junction are...worrisome. There. I said it. The economy is kicking our asses, people who are normally upbeat and optimistic are suddenly downbeat and despairing and news of bad things happening to really good people keeps hitting us where it hurts. It's the trifecta of shitholedom.

It is too a word, look it up on Wikipedia. Oh, wait, you can't; Wikipedia is in a voluntary blackout today, protesting the jackholes in our government who want to push legislation to censor the internet. Nice job politicians! So glad we could all vote you into a seat of power. Really.

Not really.

Le sigh.

On a less depressing note, The Teenager brought home all A's and B's and a GPA of 3.7 which is a higher GPA than either I or her father ever managed so; maybe she can go to college and find a job that supports us all.

Wow. That wasn't less depressing at all.

I should just quit while I am only slightly behind.

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