Friday, December 07, 2012

Reindeer Games

I didn't bake cookies again last night, but, I had a good excuse, I did! I was at a jewelry party. With The Teenager and a couple of girls from work. SO, while I did not accomplish any holiday baking, I did manage to knock a few items off my stocking stuffers list.

Of course, Hugh would like to point out that you can't eat baubles and bracelets, but, I am just one woman and can only do so much. He will get his cookies, eventually. In fact, I totally plan to work on that this weekend.

After I do some shopping.

Besides, I am really enjoying the company of the ladies with whom I work, and, the holidays are the time to gather with friends, right? Right. Dee Nyall totally agrees with that sentiment.

He and a few of his friends got together last night to hang out on the mantle. Rumor has it they were bitching about the absence of cookies in the house as well. Of course, Hugh was the one to pass along that piece of information so, take it as you will.

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