Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweeter Than Sugar Plums

The Man-Cub has recently acquired a new "girlfriend". Actually, she's an old girlfriend whom he has circled back to, as is normal in an eighth grade class numbering less than 80.

The "girlfriend" is the daughter of friends of ours and she is adorable. I have no problem seeing her and the Cub being lifetime friends, so, I didn't hesitate to agree when the Cub requested money with which to purchase her a Christmas gift.

The Cub ultimately picked out a small stuffed dog with the softest, fluffiest ears that I have ever felt. He had enough money left over to buy a plastic candy cane full of Hershey's Kisses which we tied to the dog with a red ribbon.

It snowed last night so the Cub asked for a ride to school which is how I gained the privilege of watching him surreptitiously stuff the dog under his coat upon exiting the car, because; he may be crazy about the girl buy he's not so crazy as to open himself up to the ridicule of the remaining members of the Fearsome Foursome.

Also, it was so cute, I died from the sweetness.

This might just be enough to make up for that chest hair he recently sprouted.

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