Sunday, March 03, 2013


Things I have accomplished so far this weekend:
  • Cleaned the house, including a hand-washing of the wood floors. Do you realize that 3/4 of my house features wood floors? My knees are killing me.
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator. I shudder at the memory.
  • Started the first of what promises to be one million loads of laundry.
  • Mended my down duvet; our bedroom was beginning to resemble a poultry farm thanks to the down escaping from the fabric. The cats loved it, Hugh and I? Not so much.
  • Stripped the flannel sheets from the bed and replaced them with cool cotton.
  • Tried on, picked out, and ordered  bridesmaid dresses for myself and The Teenager for a wedding that we are in later this summer.
  • Tried on, picked out, and, purchased a dress to wear to the upcoming Spring Luncheon.
  • Restocked my cupboards, freezers and the (clean!) refrigerator.
  • Purchased shoes for The Teenager to wear at work since every pair of shoes she owned consisted of support the equivalent of flip-flops and four hours on her feet was creating a major backache for her.
  • Purchased basketball shoes for the Man-Cub, whose foot has grown another size since we purchased basketball shoes for him earlier this winter.
  • Purchased the first seeds for this year's garden; carrot, beets, green beans, three types of lettuce, and, sugar pumpkins (we are determined to grow one for a pie this year).
  • Started a crock-pot full of broccoli-cheese soup for dinner, tonight.
  • Decorated the house for Easter.

Things I still need to accomplish this weekend:
  • Finish the last of the million loads of laundry.
  • Polish my toes with my newest shade of OPI.
  • Bake the chicken-cordon blue that the Man-Cub requested to go with the broccoli-cheese soup that I am making for dinner.
  • Wash the windows and french doors.
  • Wash my car.
  • Put away one million loads of laundry.

I'm so glad I got this energy spurt; I could not have hoped to accomplish this much anytime in the past two weeks.

Now, if only I could eat some chocolate as a reward...(Lent is becoming its' usual challenge all of a sudden).....but, no.

Just, no.

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