Wednesday, March 13, 2013

These Are the Things You Talk About When You Have Nothing to Say

My back continues to give me fits, today. I wish I knew what I did to cause this irritation, but, I have wracked my brains and I still got nuthin'. It makes it kind of hard to fix something when you don't know what is wrong in the first place.

The pain finally drove me to an emergency appointment with my massage therapist and even she was unable to eradicate the pain. And she tried, she really, really tried (I have the bruises to prove it). I have tried stretching, which, helps briefly, and, I took  a couple of Hugh's muscle relaxers left over from his accident way back when, and nada. No relief. At this point, I'm thinking that only time, hot soaks in the tub and a bottle of wine will help.

I'll start on that therapy regimen tonight.

In other news, the Man-Cub's first basketball tournament takes place this weekend. I think he is excited. Maybe a little bit nervous. I know he is looking forward to traveling with his teammates and, to be honest, I'm looking forward to spending time with the team moms, myself. I see a very different experience with basketball than the experience that we had with The Teenager's traveling volleyball team last year.

Thank God.

In Spring Luncheon news (I KNOW! Will it never end? Yes, yes it will. In precisely 10 days), I have developed a nervous tic over my left eye, courtesy of the 80-some tickets that we have yet to sell. Well, 40-some of those have been spoken for but not paid for, but, still. We are usually in a sell-out position by now, with a healthy waiting list for people ready to snatch up the tickets that people cancel. I am starting to get hives worrying about those goddamn tickets. And, you know, the luncheon in general.

But, enough of that.

In better news, I accompanied my supervisor to a presentation yesterday. After she was done describing our company's mission, values, departments and projects, she opened up the floor for questions. I was pleased to realize that I knew the answers to 99% of the questions asked. I think my supervisor was equally pleased with that fact because she asked me if I would be willing to step in and do the community presentations from then on.

I took the request as a compliment and am looking forward to getting started. Of course, her obvious relief when I said that I would be up for the challenge leads me to wonder what it is about the presentations that she is in such a rush to pass off, but, as Scarlett O'Hara would say; I'll think about that tomorrow.

Scarlett O'Hara is totally my hero, folks.

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