Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, Indeed

I worked for a couple of hours today, and, by worked, I mean; I went with one of my coworkers on a routine home visit and then enjoyed her company on a set of errands.

And, I really did enjoy running those errands. For one thing, the weather was gorgeous, and, co-worker and I opened up the sunroof on the Tahoe and soaked in the sunshine and fresh air as we rolled down the highway between stops.

Once our work day was over (have I mentioned how much I enjoy having a flexible schedule that allows for half-days on Fridays?), we continued our day with a few personal errands, including a tour of the local thrift shops (where I purchased a number of vintage push-pin Easter eggs, you know, like the ones your grandma used to make? No? Just me then?), a visit to a fabulous costume jewelry store (where I bought the most ah-maaazing purse), a side-trip to the dollar store (where I bought props for the photo booth that I am planning to do for The Teenager's friends prior to prom), and the Sonic drive-in for humongous orange cream slushes.

It was an awesome way to kill a few hours.

The rest of my day was taken up with work at the hardware store, chores at home, and, a really delicious two-hour nap that I enjoyed just prior to being taken out to dinner by my husband.

As I type this, I have thirty-six eggs boiling on the stove top; egg-dying will happen tomorrow, which, since I happen to enjoy decorating eggs,  I am really looking forward to.

It's just been a really, really GOOD Friday.

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