Saturday, January 11, 2014


I finally managed to finish my year-end bookwork at the hardware store, today. Had I not procrastinated throughout all of 2013, I would not have found myself ten months behind, eleven days into the New Year. The backache and tension headache caused by sitting hunched over a computer keyboard for eight hours is a good reminder of a lesson well-learned.

But! I'm done. And, now, I get to catch up on all the chores that I have been putting off at home. One such chore involves cleaning out and organizing my pantry. I have decided to challenge myself to using as many of the items as possible without a trip to the grocery store, and, if I am being honest; I can probably go for weeks without shopping for non-perishables.

This particular challenge will force me to get creative about the meals that I cook, and I'm kind of looking forward to that since, I often get into a rut in my meal-planning and my family suffers the consequences. Anyway, day one of pantry foraging begins tomorrow.

Also beginning tomorrow: my most recent foray into physical fitness. The Teenager casually mentioned that she would like to do a color run together before she goes to college in the fall. If I am going to run a 5k, I'm going to have to start training. However, after the agony I caused myself the last time I tried a C25K program, I have decided to pace myself, and, to that end, I will be "running" on my elliptical machine for a few weeks before I hit the pavement. Will that help? Hell, I have no idea, but, I am in no hurry to injure myself again. So, elliptical it shall be.

In addition to that, I really need to get back on the yoga wagon, again. My co-worker started attending a class on Thursday evenings and she has been encouraging me to join her. Since the Man-Cub's basketball season is getting close to wrapping up, I just might be able to accommodate the class.

All this talk of exercise reminds me: following last week's backhanded compliment from my building mate, an off-the-cuff comment from our store manager, and, a gentle nudge from my daughter (gentle being a relative term); I finally broke down and bought new dress pants for work. 

I like them.

Unfortunately, pants these days are being sewn for giants and I am now forced to purchase a pair of boots with a higher heel to prevent me from dragging and stepping on my hems.

That's got to be a conspiracy between the pants companies and the shoe companies, I mean, right?

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