Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Intriguing vs. Edible

Monday evening, The Teenager joined me in the kitchen to prepare dinner. She wanted to try to duplicate a meal she had in a restaurant some time back, and, since she was willing to cook, I was more than happy to acquiesce to her request.

The dish that she wanted to prepare was a hamburger salad, which, basically consisted of a bed of lettuce, some sliced tomatoes, a sprinkling of shredded cheese and bacon bits, a smattering of ranch dressing and a hamburger patty, sliced into strips and placed artfully across the top; none of which sounded at all appetizing to me.

Even less appetizing, however, was the African Horned Melon that The Teenager and I decided to purchase, and try, on a whim. In the future? Whims shall be limited to items we know we like or have heard good things about, because, horned melon? Bleh. Like, cucumber-flavored boogers, bleh.

Never again.

Anyhoodle, the hamburger salad was well received by Hugh and the Man-Cub who, apparently, are easily impressed. Pantry items used included the bacon bits and the ranch dressing. Everything else was already in the fridge or freezer, saving us enough money at the grocery store to purchase the disgusting fruit pictured above.

I don't necessarily consider that a win.

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