Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cold Winter, Winter Cold

The weather has been colder than normal here in Petticoat Junction, which, is not exactly a phenomenon unique to our area; the whole nation is in a bit of a freeze, currently.

We are actually holding up quite well, given the circumstances; our house is warm enough, the cars all start in the morning, and our pipes don't appear to be in any danger of freezing (fingers crossed and knock on wood). The pipes in the building at Day Job did freeze up briefly earlier this winter, but, we have taken steps to prevent further occurrences and have, as a result, spent less time foraging for public restrooms than we did last year.

The cold weather has given me ample opportunity to wear the numerous sweaters, cardigans, and fleece-lined items in my wardrobe, and, I am currently on Day 35 of No-Repeats work wardrobe. This is a pretty stellar indicator that I have far too many items of clothing. Also, prior to this little experiment; I was not being terribly creative with my outfits.

On the downside, the colder weather has ushered in the cold and flu season, and, I am rocking my first stuffy/runny nose. I have assaulted the delicate tissues of my face with so many sheets of Kleenex; my nose is starting to peel. On the bright side, I am far better off than Hugh, who is stuffy/runny and experiencing the fever, chills, body aches, etc., of a full-blown flu.

Thanks to Day Job, I had a flu shot and appear to be in no danger of catching his disease, which, is a good thing; a winter cold, I can handle, the flu? Not so much.

And, as I mentioned above, I can handle the winter cold-temperature-wise- as well. I simply keep reminding myself that there are only 69 days and 5 hours until Spring.

At which point I will, no doubt, catch a Spring cold.

Hey, it happens.

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