Thursday, January 16, 2014

In Unrelated News

Our store manager just called to tell me that one of the change bags he pulled out of the safe this morning is missing tens and fives, which totally explains how I ended up with an extra $35 last night when I was counting the daily deposit and making up those bags. This pretty well sums up my competence lately. I feel like I am spread too thin and I fear that the little details are suffering; I can only hope that I don't start to drop the big balls anytime soon.

In totally unrelated news, last night's dinner consisted of chicken breasts that had simmered in marinara sauce in the crock pot all day. I served the breasts and the sauce over whole wheat spaghetti noodles with a sprinkling of Parmesan and called it good. Reviews were somewhat mixed; The Teenager, who initially refused to try the food, ended up eating two servings. The Man-Cub, who will eat almost anything at this point in his teenage years, nibbled at his portion before dumping a considerable amount of extra cheese on top, at which point, he was able to choke the food down. Hugh was out of the house, enjoying dinner at a monthly meeting of the Fire Board, so he was unavailable to review the food. As for me, I thought it was fine. I probably won't crave it, but, given the same ingredients on hand; I would make it again.

In other unrelated news, my parents are coming to town for the weekend. They are anxious to watch the Man-Cub play some basketball and to spend some quality time with their granddaughter. I don't think they would be super excited to sample my experimental pantry-cleansing gastric delights, however, so; I am planning to take them out to eat. A lot.

Also in unrelated news, The Teenager's upcoming graduation is starting to freak me out. And, yes, I know that I have actually been freaking out about it for a while now, but, bear with me. What I am freaking out about, currently, is the graduation party that we are planning for our friends and family. The plan, right now, is to host a rather large get-together at the local park. In addition to our family, we will be partnering with six of The Teenager's best friends' families to allow us to engage the services of a DJ, to rent a tent, and to rent a dance floor.

When we first started thinking of the party, we were several years away from the actual event (yes, the child and her friends have been plotting this practically since Freshman year). As the date looms ever closer, however, I am becoming overwhelmed by the details.

In order to nail those details as well as possible, we are hosting the kids and their parents at the house this Sunday for a planning session. I don't know if you know this, but, there is also a football game happening that day, and, apparently, it's a big deal (I actually am rooting for the Broncos, shocker, I know), so; we will be providing the big TV and snacks.

On the bright side, the pantry cleanse unearthed a plethora of party-worthy snacks that I can serve. I'm going to focus on that rather than on the fact that my baby is graduating in, like, five months.

Because that's how I roll.

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