Thursday, January 30, 2014

File Under: I Can't Do It All

I missed a meeting of the senior class grad party last night. I didn't realize it until just a few seconds ago and I feel somewhat bad about it. I have no good excuse for missing the meeting, I simply forgot about it, and; was enjoying a rare early evening at home following a day that included a meeting with a State official to discuss the audit that my grant program is currently undergoing. My mind was spent, is what I'm saying.

I'll make up for my lapse by volunteering to help with some aspect of the party that doesn't require evening meetings, because, those meetings are my Kryptonite.

And, lest you think I am completely uninvolved with the planning of the senior activities thus far, allow me to defend myself; I have attended the initial planning meeting, I have contributed financially, I have approached businesses and nonprofit organizations for donations, and, I have pulled photos from my archives for the slide show being prepared for the baccalaureate ceremony held prior to graduation.

I have no energy for feeling guilty about missing a meeting.

So...why am I defending myself, you ask? Is guilt hitching a ride despite my declarations of the opposite? Of course it is.


Here, look at some of the old pictures I unearthed for the slide show and leave me to wallow in my guilt.

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