Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Early Summer Update

The Man-Cub's summer schedule is exhausting to me. Not because I am the one who goes to football practice at 7:00 am and then again at 5:30 pm, plus baseball practice at 6:30 pm and basketball open-gym at 7:30 pm, but; because I am the one who is driving him back and forth to these practices. Or, the one sitting in the passenger seat while he drives, whichever.

And, I'm not really complaining, the sports schedule keeps him busy and out of trouble, and, if I've learned anything from my day job, it's that kids need to be kept busy with positive activities. But, the kid has to be exhausted, although he gets adequate sleep at night (when he isn't playing video games) and, there is an occasional nap during the day, still; sports in the heat will suck the energy right out of you.

One thing that Hugh and I agreed on, and I'm glad we did, was that we didn't want the Cub to have a job this summer. Adding a job to his already busy schedule would have been overwhelming, in our opinions. The Cub felt like he could handle it all, but we finally convinced him that it was more important to us that he enjoy some part of his summer and doesn't spend the entire time working or working out. We are all at peace with the decision and looking forward to enjoying some family time together on the boat as the summer wears on.

Speaking of the boat, it is finally out of storage and ready for the first test launch of the season. I'm kind of hoping that takes place this weekend while I am in Phoenix with the girls, but, the Cub will be at football camp at a neighboring college and I'm not sure Hugh and The Teenager will want to go out alone. I guess we'll see.

So. That's how things are going in my household currently.

I'm guessing it will get 90% more exciting for me right around the time my flight touches down in Phoenix Thursday afternoon.

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