Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Is How We Roll

These are the items required to spend a day at the ballpark watching the Man-Cub and his team play baseball:

1.   One large pop-up canopy to provide shade.

2.   Three standard collapsible camping chairs.

3.   One collapsible camping chair with optional foot rest (Mine! Mine! Mine!)

4.   Two portable water misters.

5.   One case of bottled water.

6.   One rolling cooler filled with:

     1.   One six-pack of red Gatorade.
     2.   Four bottles of iced tea.
     3.   Seven pounds of fresh local sweet cherries.
     4.   One package of cinnamon glazed almonds.
     5.   Ten turkey and Swiss hoagie sandwiches.
     6.   Two packages of pickle flavored sunflower seeds.
     7.   One package of pistachios.
     8.   Two large bunches of red grapes.
     9.   Two large bunches of green grapes.
7.   One bottle of sunscreen lotion.

8.   One can of sunscreen spray.

9.   One sunscreen stick.

10.  Two cameras.

11.  Two grandparents.

12.  Two parents.

13.  One excited baseball player.

I think we are prepared for the long-haul. Wish us luck.

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